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Collect a large variety of data in production, visualization

Centralize data from multiple systems and processes to inform and promptly reflect data to the line.
This allows total visualization and management

Prevention of human error

Prevent quality issues caused by human error, for example picking of assembly parts, so as to support lean manufacturing.

Main products

Andon system (operating status display system)

Total Andon is an overall line status display system that indicates each line status and the buffer state between lines. Also serves as “production instruction system” indicating planned and actual unit numbers as well as operation rate.
Individual Andon is an information display system for a specific operator to be activated by visualizing problem areas in real time. Also work instruction and progress indication can be indicated.

Poka Yoke (error proofing) system

Computer controlled parts shelf lid for preventing wrong parts picking and placing.
1) A computer opens the lid lighting an indicator at the correct timing.
2)The lid is closed by pushing or touching a button after completion of picking and placing.

Energy control system

Collection and graphic display of energy usage data, such as electricity and gas consumption for equipment. Data can be used for efficient operation and control of equipment.

Why us? (Client testimonial)

  • We are well acquainted with the Toyota production system and have extensive experience in system introduction. We support not only production control systems but also almost all requests regarding the incidental equipment.