History accumulation/ traceability system

HOMESolutionsHistory accumulation/ traceability system

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Identification of defects and prevention of outflow.

Offer immediate search of the target product to identify the cause of the problem and location promptly as well as to prevent the spread.

Data accumulation and applications

Accumulated data strongly supports quality improvement by visualizing the process and analyzing appropriate conditions for qualified products.

Global information sharing

WEB server system allows tracking global situations and sharing information among parties around the world.

Supports a wide variety of devices

Supports various devices such as the PC and smart phone. Information can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

System overview (Process example from manufacturing to final quality check)

Why us? (Client testimonial)

  • Have extensive experience in system development and introduction.
    System is easy to use for daily operation and data analysis.
    Displaying data achieves “visualization” at the same time.