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Abundant inspection methods

For a broad range of inspections and measurements, we construct the system selecting optimum measures to solve problems.


Achieve automation for various kinds of inspections and measurements by combining our mechatronics and equipment control technologies.

Main products

In-line X-ray inspection system

Offers high-speed inspection for foreign object and blowhole of products in a noninvasive manner. Sensitive digital images can be recorded for off-line analysis. Optional analysis software is available.

Dimensional inspection system

Achieve highly accurate and rapid in-line measurement of dimensional accuracy with noncontact laser.

Thermal image inspection system

Monitors temperature change of objects from a distance. Alarm and predictive functions are available. Addresses broad range of needs including defect prevention, productivity improvement and safety measurement.

PCB inspection system

Functional inspection system for electronic control unit (ECU) which is heavily used in hybrid cars. Support high voltage inspection, power control unit (PCU) and more.

Projector type 3D measurement system

This system determines contour, shape, dimensions, color, etc. in a single measurement (5 seconds). We respond to a wide range of requests, for example, incorporating this system in robots or in-lining.

Laser type 3D measurement system

Allows for extremely precise measurements detecting scratches or dents of a mere 10 µm. Also supports in-lining.

Why us? (Client testimonial)

  • Advanced image sensing technology. We provide total system service including in-lining, traceability and equipment control.