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HOMESolutionsEquipment control software development + control system

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Advanced sequence control technology

Support a full range of sequence controls for small to large scale equipment. Worldwide service is available for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Provide consistent service from design and production to setup of the control panel.

We design and produce more than 1000 control panels annually, recognized as the highest achieved area in our history.
A strong regard for safety is responsible for prolonging our record of accident-free construction.

Vast achievement in modifying existing equipment and systems that have been installed by other companies.

Prompt service, no matter how big or small, from small troubleshooting to minor modification of existing equipment.

Why us? (Client testimonial)

  • If there is a problem with equipment control, we serve as a total consultant for production equipment.
    Advanced skills and development capabilities for sequence control.
    Abundant achievement in overseas.