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Our Solutions


Offer an optimum system eliminating Muda (waste) and Muri (overload).

Interference verification and cycle examination through 3D simulation ensure safe and functional layout and a smooth introduction of the system.

Thoroughly examine the system by off-line teaching with actual equipment before its introduction.

Perform suitable verification using off-line teaching and actual equipment at our site tailored to the customer’s needs.

Total system support

Secure total setup of robots, arms and peripheral equipment, and maintenance after introduction.

Support a wide variety of robots

Support multiple manufacturers’ robots for both new construction and modification.

Main products

We have both domestic and overseas experience in supporting automation including system setup, making of special arms, and maintenance. Please feel free to consult with us about any system.

Robot systems

- Welding
- Application
- Press-in
- Pressurization
- Shrinkage fit
- High frequency quenching
- Deburring
- Thread fastening
- Box changing
- Loading
- Unloading
- Conveyance
- Marking
- Inspection

Robotics support technology

- System programming
- Teaching
- Relocation, modification and removal

Why us? (Client testimonial)

  • Our focus includes both software and hardware, and clients can now order a total plan including any necessary auxiliary equipment.
    We support multiple manufacturers’ robots (leading manufacturers both at home and abroad).